When it comes to logistics in great volume with controlled quality and on-time performance, Nava Netra Logistic sdn.bhd provides transportation of your finished products and goods to hypermarkets nationwide, ensuring a reliable delivery that meets the deadline and provides proper documentation for all your deliveries. With us, your products are on time and in good hands.

Depending on the place of this production facility, the product is shipped using trucks, airplanes, trains, or even boats. A supermarket has hundreds of products and they come from around the world. Handling this distribution process can be either the supermarket or an external company specialized in logistics. Most companies will externalize the distribution process to companies that have more experience and more equipment. These companies have a whole fleet of trucks and other vehicles they can use. The goods from a supermarket are loaded and shipped on a regular basis (daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the product). However, these goods will not reach the supermarket just yet.